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Tuesday, July 14, 2020
About PC AfterDark...

In January 1997, Joe Davidson and Darryl Lawson founded PC AfterDark. Initially, the small part-time business was developed to help friends and family members purchase refurbished computers at discounted prices.  However, as word spread, Joe and Darryl realized their part-time business was quickly becoming a full-time job.  Without hesitation, the two men became full-time entrepreneurs and opened the first PC AfterDark computer store in Corbin, Kentucky. Shortly thereafter, Joe opened another store in Covington, Georgia.

When Joe and Darryl began working on computers almost ten years ago, they had to schedule customer calls around their day jobs – hence the name PC AfterDark.  Both men worked for a local Atlanta office equipment company and had extensive experience in computer sales and service.  The name has served them well and continues to be a topic of interest among customers at both stores.

As the company expanded and grew to include commercial accounts, it soon became necessary for the Covington, Georgia and Corbin, Kentucky stores to operate as separate entities. This move has allowed each store to customize its offerings in retail equipment sales, on-site service and repair, and in-store service and repair for the local market.

Though the 2 stores now operate independently, they both carry an extensive inventory of computer products from national distributors. Their knowledgeable staff is adept at handling most any problem.  Same-day and next-day service is available.  “We strive for efficiency,” says Joe. “Our goal is to provide superior customer service, computer support and products at fair prices.”  PC AfterDark is able to help you with all your computer needs.


PC AfterDark is a Fully Stocked
and Full Service Computer Store!

We are a Locally Owned Business
that offers One-on-One Service!

We offer a complete line of
Computer Repair Services!

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